Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is like homeowner's insurance--but it protects your the owner's deed to the property, rather than the physical structure. Sometimes fences are not exactly on the property line. Sometimes the family cabin is owned by more cousins than everyone realized.

What does a title company do?

A title company pays off the previous mortgage, pays the water bill, pays every real estate commission, and delivers a deed free and clear to the new owner. A title company also gathers all necessary signatures for the new mortgage--there can be a lot of paperwork for loans.

What makes a title company different from other title companies?

Some title companies are process-oriented. Some title companies are focused on a certain small set of clients. Other title companies are nationwide in every market. Some title companies are run by attorneys. The core job of a title company is customer service--however that happens.

Is title insurance just for real estate?

In general, yes. Although Badger Title Company also handles aircraft titles, in addition to real estate, air rights, airport rights, water rights, riparian rights, conservation easements, and all manner of property or land or even business property-related titling matters (such as Uniform Commercial Code filings). Feel free to ask!