COVID-19 Procedures


To All Parties and their valued agents,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Wisconsin Governor’s order, this message is to inform you all that our offices are still open and operating as essential functions, with careful precautions in place for everyone’s safety. Please notice the following procedures and pre-cautions that we are taking:

In-Office Closings

  • The offices are operating with minimum staff as a precaution, and office social distancing.
  • The offices are regularly sanitized.
  • pens a other utensils used by parties are regularly disposed of or changed out.
  • Separate rooms are used when possible to limit the size of groups.
  • Only the parties required to sign documents should attend the closing. We shall plan to notify all other parties involved once the closing is complete.  

Remote Signing

  • We can offer a remote notarizaton if needed by any party/ Some closing documents must be notarized by state law. Although the Governor has authorized remote notarization, it is a limited service currently offered by third parties and may not always be available if requested.  
  • Notarizaton can also be done by any licensed Wisconsin notary and the document delivered to our office.
  • Documents or checks may be sent by UPS or Fedex; funds may also be distributed via UPS or Fedex.

These procedures are in effect until at least April 30, 2020 as of this time. But feel free to keep a watch out for updates as things progress. Stay safe!



Badger Title Company's closing agents are all licensed state notaries willing to visit your location for off-site closings for your convenience in any transaction. This is a unique service we provide as a courtesy to our clients.